Thursday, 12 October 2017

More bits and Bods

A few bits that don´t Warrant a post all of thier own.*

Two new additions to the Bodstonia Landscape, a couple of Trappers/Militia. Bodies from the Imex Pilgrims, the heads from the Imex George Washington´s army
Some more North American Indians in a Canoe. Bodies and Canoe from the Imex Lewis and Clark set, heads from the Italeri Indian Warriors.
I´ve forgotton where the musket came from but I think it was a spare from the Imex Pilgrims set. 
A small  Veuglaire. I haven´t a clue what make it is but it´s A really nice Piece  and made entirely out of Metal.
The tent from the Emhar crested kniggits set. As it Comes, OOB, the Thing is massive. PSR puts it at around 5 meters tall. I sawed off 2 cm´s from the bottom so the doorway is the height of a bod.
*If it hadn´t been for a recent stay in Hospital, they might have had some other bits added to them but as I´m in "recovery" sitting down to paint etc is beyond me at the Moment :-(

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Modern Mounted Amazons

Like the Modern Amazons on foot, they have been re-assigned as Cimmerians.
They´ve been given the nags from the HäT Numidian Cavalry. The nags aren´t as sturdy as the ones from the  Mounted Cimmerians set but they fit the Bodettes better and provide a light cavaly element.

The Mounts provided, Lizards, unicorns etc are nice sculpts but;
A. The bodettes don´t fit that well,  the Fantasy Mounts are way too wide
B.  Lizards, Lions, lionesses, unicorns and stags as Mounts? IMHO, way too fantastical and too much of a mix. Just lions and lionesses would, IMHO, be fine but four different types of creature?..nope. 
10 mounted and one foot Bodette.
A couple of random Close ups. 
My favourite pose from the set. 
Command Bodette
"Fly my lovelies!!"
Compared with the nags from the Cimmerian  set thier horses are tiny..but the Cimmerian ones are big even when put alongside medieval destrier types from other sets. 
I suppose What they lack in power they gain in Speed and manouverability

Friday, 22 September 2017

Modern Amazons - Foot (Mild Nudity)

Modern Amazons as opposed to ancient or classical ones.
More from the Alliance range of Fantasy bods and Monsters.
10 Bodettes in the set, a wee bit of a Problem with Flash but it´s  easily removed.
I´m going to use them as Female Cimmerians so...
 .....I´ve stuck to the colour scheme I used for the Cimmerians, reddish hair and blue Cloth.
A couple of Close ups
The female orc from the Dark Alliance Orcs set 3 fits alongside them, so she´s now a Cimmerian...
.....and the females fit well alongside thier male Counterparts.
Now the NSFW side of the set. Not too "rude " but not for children.
How many Fantasy sets has RedBox (Alliance) brought out now? 34 including the 5 new ones about to appear in the Shops ?
I´m still haven´t caught up the the first 29 sets!!!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Imagi-Nation meets reality

After reading a great book, Changes in the Land written by William Cronon,  suggested by TMP member Otto Schmidt, I´m going  mention something I wrote in a previous post of mine,  the one about the Imex  Eastern Friendly Indians set.
There I showed my ignorance of Native American Indian culture when I wrote;

The women folk.
"As usual, the women are the ones working - cleaning Skins, making bread, carrying Wood etc"

"As Usual" !?  An eurocentric pro-Feminist view perhaps?

My assumption was similar to that of the early european Colonists, that being that the Native american women do all the "real" work* whilst their menfolk happily trott off hunting and fishing.
After reading the book, I now know that to suggest that as being incorrect.
I won´t edit out my assumption on  the Eastern Friendly Indains  Post so it it can stand as proof that I have since learnt otherwise.
The book is, at first a bit hard going but once I got used to the style, well worth reading and it contains a lot of info that has changed my perspective on the period of colonisation.
Also, I´d got into a bit of a Corner with the Bodstonian Imagi-Nation, and the book has  given me more ideas which I can work into the narrative.

Reading the book, it at least showed me that I was thinking along the right lines with my ideas about the Relationships between the Bodstonians and Native Indians and how I could improve them in regards to what actually happened in reality. 
Example, Without giving a too complicated and in depth Explanation (you have to read the book to realise what I mean) the book Shows that both sides cooperated in varying degrees with the "exploitation" of the ecology whilst having different perspectives on how and what was "exploited" and why. This inevitably  led to disagreements and Solutions that suited both or either side depending on thier wants Needs and expectations, the result of which wasn´t always the one desired by one side or the other..or both.  
Ok, my ideas were a bit simplified,  the "A Burning Dispute" Story for example, but  I was getting there.

Many Thanks Otto for the Suggestion. 

Monday, 11 September 2017


Another set from LW. I didn´t paint up the bod on the´s a converted bod from the Esci Barbarians set (you can see him  HERE)
6 bods in the set (one is a repeat pose from the LW Medieval Mortar set) and, as mentioned, the one on the stake.
The guards and a hooded Dentist...sorry, torturer
The "friendly" Monks.
Apparently it´s a rare set..only 2,000 copies were I´m lucky in owning 2 sets :-)...only another 1,998 to collect......

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Medieval Mortar crew - LW

One of the better sets from LW..even though the Mortar is big! Actually, big is an´s bloody MASSIVE!!!
The Crew. Not a bad selection of poses but  too few in number considering the weapon they are serving. Not only that but only one poor bod is actually working..and considering the size of the mortar..what he´s doing isn´t exactly going to be very effective.
The BIG Mortar.  Made  of softish plastic, the   frame needed "welding" to Keep the sides firmly in place.  The bar to alter the angle I swopped for a metal one although considering what the Barrel would weigh if it were real, I can´t imagine how the angle of fire could  possibly be reset. 
Not only is it way too big but I reckon that if it were actually be fired the barrel would fly backwards or break out of the base. 

The Crew aren´t too bad so will find Jobs elsewhere.
The BIG mortar ? I´m not really into having exact historical accuracy but this device is a Little beyond a bit of bending of reality with a "maybe they could have had such monstrosities" excuse so it will end up either being used in a Fantasy Setting by the Dwarves or Orcs.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Eastern Friendly Indians - Imex

As with the Lewis and Clark set this lot will end up as part of the Bodstonian Landscape.
15 poses but two, the canoe rowers,  have already turned up with the Lewis and Clark set so I didn´t bother to paint them up...yet.
A really good Thing with the set, just under half are female.
The women folk.
As usual, the women are the ones working* - cleaning Skins, making bread, carrying Wood etc.
The Party folk.
Exactly what the dancer has attached to his stick I don´t know. It could be feathers or leaves but they look more like leaves so that´s what the ended up as.
The Hunting folk.
The one crawling is converted from the leafy stick man. He´d been base painted but our kitten chewed the top off his stick. The rest of the stick was removed, a spear added, a bit of twisting here and there and he´s turned into a crawling bod.
The "Don´t you DARE shoot that thing at me!!!" folk
The Making fire Folk Man
The one  great Thing about Imex is they had some brilliant ideas and very well sculpted, if a Little on the large size as far as the bods go.
The not so good Thing is that they stopped making new sets. I´d have liked to see more from them, especially the sets they had planned...amongst them this Little lot. 

Columbus & explorers
French & Indian War Mohawk Indians                   
Knights of the Round Table                            
Archers, Bowmen & Pikemen                             
Mounted Knights                                     
Tournament Knights with Support                       
War of 1812 British                                  
War of 1812 Americans                               
War of 1812 Creek Indians                           
Pony Express                                        
Farm Animals, Wild Animals & Buffalo             
Rogers Rangers                                      

I could have made use of all of them :-(

*since writing this post I have learnt something that makes my assumption "As Usual" incorrect.
Explantion HERE

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Medieval Guards - Alarm!

The actual titel of the set is just   "Alarm" but seeing as these are in the same livery as the guards on Duty and the resting guards, the post titel is fair enough.
The whole set...13 bods
My favourite poses from the set

The running bod on the right Looks a bit odd, as if he´s really happy.."whoopee!!"  but I think he´s supposed to be running up some steps

Get to it you oribble lot!!!!!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Lewis and Clark - Imex

Here, on this blog, they are the bods from the Lewis and Clark set  and represent Lewis, Clark, York, Sacajawea, Teton Sioux Indians etc  but in Bodstonia they will have new names and lives. For that purpose, a couple of them have had head/hat swops using Italeri´s American Infantry and have been painted up to fit the Bodstonian "style"
With this set There´s only two Bods I haven´t painted, both repeat poses, a firing Expeditionary bod and one Native American.   Not bad as usually I don´t really like painting repeat poses from the same set.
The Expedition Members
The bods are bigger than a lot of other makes. They fit alongside the Italeri Indian Warriors and American Infantry Bods but Tower over others such as the Strelets American Militia
The mounted section. One´s had a headswop and the two pack mules where based together but they´ve been seperated.
The Native Americans
They account for just over a third of the set, understandable seeing as the set is based on  The Corps of Discovery and the numbers can be bumped up using the Imex Eastern Friendly Indians set.
Messing about on the Water
The canoe. I searched but found that most historical examples seem to have been plain Wood colour or have a tiny bit of colour added, no brightly coloured Hollywood style ones.

Also, the canoe came with  molded  water lapping around the sides but I decided to remove it. I used both the rowing bods from the set, one with a slight Twist of the head to add a slight bit of difference.

The other two are members of the Expedition. The one punting the wooden raft is a giant..even by Imex´s Standards.

The other bits
As with the canoe, the same goes for the Tipi (There´s two Tipis in the set) 
As far as I could discover, Historically, most Tipis in a village would not be painted but left plain so I only added a Basic zig - zag pattern.
The other two bits are a stretched Skin and a campfire.

I´ll just have to come up with some names and  Story lines for them now.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Burgundian Field Artillery - Mars

The Sculpting is the usual Mars Standard, not good and adding to the Problems of the sculpting, there´s a lot of Flash to deal with.
The Review at PSR Shows a bit of Flash but either they have got a sprue with less Flash or have removed most of it.
Both the bods and the guns suffer from it, in fact, I nearly gave up whilst removing it. Still, after the snipping and carving the bods and guns (the wheels are the worst part) they become a servicable if rough looking set.
The Bods.
6 on each of the 4 sprues.
One is Holding a rather large cannon ball that has a much larger caliber than either of the guns which goes for the swab sponge Held by another.
As with all the bods, the faces look a bit punched in.
The seated bod. Exactly what the blob is above his Hand and his ale mug is I don´t know. A rather large thumb?
The Standing bod. Under his right Hand is another undefinable object. I didn´t notice until I started painting but It appears to be the handle from a dagger.

The guns
One carriage, two wheels and a choice of two Barrels on each sprue.
No glueing necessary but the Wheel hubs Need a bit of Drilling out (a 0.8mm bit will do the Job) so the axles fit.
The Crew isn´t as good as the RedBox Hussite one but the guns are better, though not as good as the Zvezda guns.
Two spare sprues have gone onto the Bods 4 Sale page but as I´ve written, they do have a bit of Flash to remove.
As for the spare Barrels from the two sprues I´ve used? Without going to the effort of creating a carriage...a Small Bombard?

Monday, 24 July 2017

Ancient Roman Town - Update

Remember this lot?
The Project came to a Close a couple of years ago and basically the whole lot was destined  to spend its future in boxes in the cellar so rather than let it go to waste I put it up for sale HERE 
There (in the cellar) it remained until a couple of weeks ago when I got a message asking wether it was still up for sale and what scale it is.

Anyway, to cut a Long Story short it is now part of an interactive Project called "I Think I can" run  by the RSC..yep..the Royal Shakespeare Company in association with the Terrapin Puppet Theatre using the Buildings and 1/72nd scale bods (the roman citizen sets from Strelets and Linear-B) as the characters.
The idea of the project is;

Through puppetry, live video, and audience interaction, this innovative public artwork asks 'What would you like to be today?' engaging you in an optimistic task of collective storytelling

It starts tommorrow, the 25.07.17 and IMHO, it´s a great idea, just the sort of Thing I´d have been into as a nipper and I wish them all success with it.
Here´s a sneak Peak Video of the Project...recognise any of the Buildings? 

If the Video (by Kind permission) doesn´t work here´s the LINK

For more info on the Project look HERE
They´ve set up an online newspaper for the Project called "Avonville"
As our puppeteers animate the character in the miniature Roman world, you are invited to tell your character's story, which is then documented and will appear in the form of an online newspaper
Link to the Newspaper HERE

I mean, how cool is that? :-) 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Medieval Guards resting

I´ve painted up this lot before..nearly five years ago as a bunch of soldiers in the pay of sir  Hugh Jarse. Then I called it  "Medieval Picnic" but they are in fact called (as per the post titel)  VA126 "Medieval guards resting"  by  Valdemar-Miniatures
This lot are painted up for the 1329 Teutonic dio  in the same Red and White livery as the  Medieval Guards on Duty set
Two sets making a total of 14 bods, 2 tables, three benches (one was missing) and 2 dogs.

Normally he would be Holding something foodwise up to his mouth but I´ve added a crossbow so he can maybe be seated on a Barrel or whatever and be added to the Standing guards